Doctors are great…as long as you don’t need them… if you ever need them then this is the place to be.

Ravish Gupta, CEO, WIPL

Their passion for homeopathy coupled with their dedication to cure people is what makes them WORLD CLASS!!! Their service standards display their commitment to this profession! Extremely humble & patient with everyone (not just his patients), highly knowledgeable & self-motivated and above all, always ready to listen to his patients & provide instant medication! Cheers Dr. Manish Bhatia and Dr. Manisha Bhatia…you guys ROCK!!

Nisha Dhanuka, HR Manager

The best homeopathy doctor in the world… Its rare to find someone with your sensitivity and depth of knowledge n understanding… God bless you, may you scale the heights of success…

Urwashi Warman, Principal, The Palace School

I am the parent of a 5.5 year old boy, who at the age of 4 was diagnosed with mild ASD. His language and social skills being the most impacted.

We had started language therapies, but then was suggested by my dad to try homoeopathy as well. A google searched returned Asha homoeopathy as a well established homoeopathic centre for treatment of Autism in young kids.
We got in touch with the staff there and then eventually started treatment with Dr Manish Bhatia. We stay in Bangalore, which is a good distance from Jaipur and so in person consultations are very difficult to plan for. Although all the consultations were over Skype, they were detailed and never rushed through. Apart from a few network issues, the consultations were satisfactory. Each month, the doctor would ask us complete updates on developments with respect to the previous month and issues noticed as well.
The medicines were given based on the data provided by us and the medicines would be couriered. Almost all the time it arrived within a week. The medicines themselves, like most homoeopathic medicines have no bad taste and are very easy to get the kid to drink.
My kid has been on this medication for more than a year and he has shown commendable improvement in his behaviour and language skills, both of which was where he was lagging behind.
We are definitely satisfied with the treatment and we can easily recommend both homoeopathy and Dr Manish to any parents who have children with similar issues.

My Wife & My Son Manas Verma are suffering from Coealic Disease, we are taking medicine from last One and half year.. we are getting results.. Miracle changes reflect in my son after consult with Dr Bhatia .. There is no treatment available in Allopathy .. Dr Bhatia is very Polite and knowledgeable..We are in safe hand… thanks to Doctor Bhatia…

Pradeeep Verma

Great Experience, I wish all the doctors and clinics work the way as Asha homeopathy do. Always responsive and willing to help.
I was a very longtime patient of chronic allergy. Dr Manisha Bhatia treat me very well.
From my first visit I was blown away. Feel very cared for every visit, even also on phone due to too far from Jaipur. The staff rocks too!
Felt that I got the best possible homeopathic treatment in Jaipur and owe my life to the Doctor and Staff!

Aakash Saxena

One of the best clinics in Jaipur in my experience. If you are looking for a homeopath, this is the best place in Jaipur. My experience with the doctors there has been very good. Very professional people with excellent care.


Definitely one of the best homeopathy clinics in India. I am very impressed with the way chronic cases are tackled by Dr. Bhatia. I have benefited a lot and so have many of my friends and relatives from their services. Highly recommended!

Raj Gupta

He’s master in homeopathy. Great doctor with great personality. Ambience of the place is quite good and well maintained.

Kapil Mathur

Asha Homeopathy is one of best homeopathy clinic in Jaipur. Dr Manish Bhatia` S Behave very nice. My Son suffering form celic Disease. We are fully satisfied. Miracle changes in my son. Now he is growing well and improving in all other activities also. Thanks to Asha Homeopathy & Thanks to Dr Manish.

Reena Verma

Pleasantly surprised by visiting this new facility of Asha Homeopathy
Dr Bhatias are our doctors for quite a while now. They have taken homeopathy to a different level and now with this new clinic the overall experience was amazing. For a patient not only medicines but overall positivity matters and this place has abundance of it