Lectures on Organon of Medicine Vol 1

Approved by CCH for BHMS and MD (Hom) syllabus!

This unique book by one of the most loved teachers of Organon of Medicine, fills a void in homeopathic literature. Dr. Bhatia’s lectures on Organon have been widely read by the community though journals as well as in the form of audio lectures. This book is a result of public demand to make all the lectures available in the book form.

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Lectures on Organon of Medicine Vol 2

This second volume of Lectures on Organon of Medicine covers aphorisms 71 to 145.

This work forms the second volume of commentaries on Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon. And what impresses me about Dr. Bhatia’s work in this regard is his ability to take Hahnemann’s visionary work and make it relevant to our times. This relevance is not only for the specifics of homeopathic practice; Dr. Bhatia’s writing ability and encyclopedic style creates a fascinating and intriguing framework that makes you want to read more. He succeeds in giving both historical contexts as well as the motivations of what drove Hahnemann’s great creative force, understandings and even shortcomings. A must have homeopathy book for every homeopath!

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Lectures on Organon of Medicine Vol 3

Recommended by CCH for BHMS and MD (Hom) syllabus!

This third volume of Lectures on Organon of Medicine covers aphorisms 146 to 291.

In the same style and clarity of Part I and Part II of Dr. Bhatia’s Lectures on Organon of Medicine, Part III provides the student and practitioner with the same common sense discussion of Hahnemann’s axioms and precepts (the Aphorisms of the Organon), all derived from his long and careful study and research into Hahnemann’s writings and his own in-depth clinical experience.  Additionally, this book assiduously avoids speculation, which to me especially is a breath of fresh air for our profession in these times.

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The Fireside Book of Homeopathy Tales

The Fireside Book of Homeopathy Tales

A book which is so unique that it is the first of its kind for homeopathy. A book that introduces homeopathy in the fiction literature. Read 16 award winning stories from the First International Homeopathy Story Competition. These stories introduce adventure and danger, romance, mystery, mysticism and inspiration. Some stories take place in the present, others are historical and still others are post-apocalyptic. They will take you to exotic faraway places, and places inside you. For all those people who practice homeopathy, for the millions of devotees and for anyone who is fascinated by it, this book will be a joy to read!

Vorlesungen Über Das Organon Der Heilkunst Teil 1 Book

Vorlesungen über das Organon der Heilkunst von Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Als ich Dr. Bhatias Vorlesungen über das Organon der Heilkunst (Teil I) las, fiel mir auf, dass seine Kommentare genau zutreffen. Er scheint das Organon ziemlich genau verstanden zu haben und seine Beispiele und Erklärungen sind klar und informativ.

Bedeutend ist meines Erachtens nach auch die Tatsache, dass in dieser Arbeit die tatsächlichen Prinzipien des Organon von den in letzter Zeit zunehmend zahlreichen unsinnigen Vorstellungen ‚moderner‘ Homöopathen abgegrenzt werden, welche die authentischen Gesetze in Hahnemanns Organon zu umgehen versuchen und sie mit irrelevanten Vorstellungen verwischen, was dann klassische Homöopathie genannt wird.

Ich kann sagen, dass seine Kommentare zum Organon, so weit ich es beurteilen kann, die Besten sind, die bisher in unserer Literatur zu finden sind. Ich wünsche dem Autor mit den weiteren Bänden seiner Arbeit den gleichen Erfolg.

Prof. George Vithoulkas

Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research


This timely, compelling, and useful book offers a comprehensive look at the integration of homeopathy and mental health care. Twenty-three leading healthcare professionals from around the world unite in a diverse collection of provocative, grounded and visionary, and clinically relevant chapters that offer the student, professional, and non-professional alike a clear and inspiring guide to the healing power and potential of homeopathy in mental health care.

Contributing authors: Hannah Albert, Philip Bailey, Iris Bell & Mary Koithan, Daniel Benor, Seema Bhat, Manish Bhatia, Kate Chatfield & Joy Duxbury, Jane Tara Cicchetti, Jane Ferris, Christopher Johannes, Corina Guethlin & Harald Walach, Peter Morrell, Joseph Rozencwajg, Kenneth Silvestri, Edward Shalts, Traian Stanciulescu, Ian Townsend, Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman & Robert Ullman and Harry van der Zee…with a Foreword by Dana Ullman

“At last a phenomenal anthology which should dispel forever the ignorance of those who refuse to accept the fact that homeopathy is effective! The bibliography of excellent studies on homeopathy alone makes this book a must for every health professional.”

Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, President Holos Institutes of Health

“The book is remarkable because it places homeopathy within the context of the current mental health system at precisely the point where it is needed. Reading this text makes it clear that homeopathy is an emerging medical science that holds tremendous potential for widespread application in the field of mental health. This work places the topic of homeopathy squarely in the middle of current mainstream medical research and clarifies what an integrative and balanced approach to mental health would look like. I highly recommend this work to my homeopathic, integrative and allopathic medical colleagues.” Ronald D. Whitmont, MD, New York Medical College