homeopathy treatment faq

In Classical Homeopathy , the treatment is based on the totality of symptoms and not on the disease name. The totality includes your current symptoms, past medical history, family medical history, general physical parameters like thirst, appetite, food desires & aversions, sensitivity to weather and temperature, and on your mental makeup. So the name of disease per se is neither a criteria nor a limiting factor for homeopathy treatment. Every disease can be treated with homeopathy.

Yes, If you cannot come to our homeopathy clinic in Jaipur, you can consult us online too. Please check the details here: Online Homeopathy Treatment

Again it doesn’t matter. Homeopathy is individualistic therapy. That means 10 patients with, say migraine headache, can all get 10 different remedies based on their symptom totality. You are a unique individual and while many people can have the same disease, the totality will be different in each case.

NO. Patient privacy laws prevent us from sharing any information about any of our patients with anyone. Plus, we don’t have time for this. In classical homeopathy, every patient is treated as a unique individual. Our past success is no guarantee of future success and our past failures are no indication of the outcome in the next patient with the same disease.

Well, scientists are still trying to pin-point the exact physical mechanism for it, but the clinical observation is that homeopathic medicines simulate the disease process to stimulate body’s own defence mechanism, leading to recovery/cure.

Since patients are given a dedicated time slot, a missed appointment from your end is loss of productivity and time for us. Missed appointments are therefore charged at 50% of the consultation fee.

Once you have made the payment to book a first or follow-up consultation, the order has to be executed (consultation taken) or refunded within 3 month. Post that the order is void and non-refundable.

A well-selected homeopathic remedy is not known to have any side effects. It is even safe for pregnant woman and infants.

Yes, a few pills are not going to cause an increase in your diabetes. Rather if the medicine is well-indicated, it will only stabilise your sugar levels better.

No. That is a MYTH. Homeopathy does not contain any class of medicine with active steroids. The sugar of milk, which is used for homeopathy medicines, is known to give a false positive test for some steroids. So when you are testing a homeopathy medicine for steroid content, test for proper steroids and not for reducing sugars.

Usually NO. Any aggravation, if it happens at all, is mild and transient.

Usually you can, but your doctor can only tell you if you need to avoid any food stuff after reviewing your case history.

That, again is a MYTH. A well-selected homeopathy remedy works fast, often faster than other forms of medicine.

Usually NO. We do not recommend you to stop any conventional drug without your GP’s consent. Homeopathy and allopathy medicines can be given simultaneously, even for the same disease. As your health improves, the conventional drugs may be tapered off gradually.