Autism Treatment

How long does it take to cure Autism? What is the treatment duration for autistic children?

This is a very valid question and often among the first few questions that parents of autistic children ask.

Like all other chronic diseases (like asthma, allergies, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, eczema etc), the answer is that doctors do not know for sure. The treatment duration varies from individual to individual. It can be 1-3 years for a mild autism case and 5-10 years for a severe autistic case.

And ‘cure’ is not always possible. Cure means the child becomes absolutely normal. For mild autism cases homeopathic cure is possible in many cases where the treatment starts early enough. For moderate to severe autism cases, we are usually looking at the graded improvement over a period of time. The improvement can start from anywhere but usually, we see that the classic signs like hand flapping, toe walking reduce first and eye contact improves marginally. Then we see improvement in understanding, comprehension, command following, speech, sensory issues, social acceptance and further eye contact. Some children improve on one variable first, other’s improve on other variables. Some children start responding within the first few weeks, others take a few months to show improvement.

If your child has recently been diagnosed with Autism, please understand that there are no ‘magic cures’ for autism. It is going to take a lot of effort and time for your child to improve. You will need the support of therapies like occupation therapy, ABA, speech therapy along with homeopathy.

Don’t be disheartened. Many children recover completely. Most mild to moderate cases are able to lead an independent life as adults. Prepare yourself mentally for a long journey ahead.

Don’t ask ‘why me?’, ‘why my child?’ It’s a futile question and it’s not just your child. Today one in seventy children are suffering from autism.

Have your treated autism patients before?

Dr. Manish Bhatia has been treating autistic children with homeopathy since 2006. Every year he sees hundreds of patients with Autism.

You can know more about Dr. Manish Bhatia here:

Can you share the contact details of some patients so that we can verify?

Unfortunately no. Patient privacy laws, legally bar us from sharing the disease diagnosis or contact details of any patient with anyone.

Homeopathy for Mild Autism

I would like to know about treatment with homeopathy for mild autism. My son has been diagnosed with mild autism and a friend suggested that I find out about homeopathy treatment for autism.

Does homeopathy have any curative treatment for mild autism?

Dear Aisha,

Clinically mild autism relates to cases which do not have any mental retardation or significant hyperactivity associated with it. Cases of mild autism can show some delayed milestones, poor eye contact and social contact. However, there comprehension and command-following is close to normal. Homeopathy does offer treatment for autism and homeopathy does give the best results in cases of mild autism. The more significant is autism, the poorer is the prognosis. Homeopathy for autism is used in two common forms – classical homeopathy, which is the standard homeopathic treatment based on cause and symptom similarity, and CEASE therapy for autism, which is a form of homeopathic detoxification therapy developed specially for autism.

Please consult a classical homeopath for treatment with homeopathy for mild autism. I wish a speedy recovery to your son.

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Is there any Homeopathic Medicine for autism?

Dear Sumit,

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine. It means that it does not treat diseases, including autism, by its name. While the name is important for diagnosis, prognosis and management, the homeopathic medicine for autism is selected on the basis of cause, presenting symptoms and family history.

To find the most suitable homeopathic medicine for autism for a particular case, you will need to consult a professional homeopath who will take the complete medical history (homeopathic case-taking) and will then prescribe a homeopathic medicine that appears suitable for a particular case of autism.

Best wishes,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Carcinocin remedy for autism

My son, 3 years old, has been prescribed homeopathic Carcinocin remedy for autism.

Can you tell me more about use and effectiveness of carcinocin remedy for autism treatment?

Dear Bela,

Carcinocin is basically derived from Cancer tissue. It is absolutely safe to take in homeopathic doses. It is available in many forms depending upon the tissue of origin. For autism cases, the most used form is ‘Carcinosin co’ or ‘Carcinocin T15’.

Carcinocin is prescribed on the basis of symptom similarity. However, it is often more commonly indicated in cases where there is some family history of cancer. But that is not a limiting factor. Carcinocin remedy can be used even without the family history of cancer if the symptoms agree. You can read more about indications of Carcinocin here:

I hope this information about homeopathic carcinocin remedy for autism is helpful for you.

Best wishes,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Is there any autism cure in homeopathy?

My niece has recently been diagnosed with autism. Conventional medicine doesn’t offer any cure. Is there any autism cure in homeopathy? Please guide.

Dear Dave,

‘Cure’ is a tricky word. It effectively means complete restoration of health. A complete restoration of health is often not possible in a large number of patients. However, different degrees of improvement is possible in different cases of autism depending upon the cause, severity and the accuracy of homeopathic treatment. Autism cure with homeopathy is possible, but the results vary from case to case.

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that treats on the basis of symptom similarity. Our literature documents many cases of autism ‘cured’ with homeopathy or relieved with homeopathy. Homeopathy treatment for autism comes in two forms:

  • Classical homeopathy for autism.
  • CEASE Therapy for autism.

Please follow the links to know more about them. Then consult a professional homeopath to find the most suitable homeopathic remedy for autism for your niece.

Best wishes,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

List of Autism Therapies

There are a number of therapies which are used for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some, like Occupational Therapy and ABA are very commonly used. Others are used sparingly. Some have scientific studies to back them, others just have anecdotal evidence. Following is a list of therapies most commonly used for the treatment of Autism, ASD, Asperger’s Disease, PDD:

  1. Occupational Therapy
  2. Speech Therapy
  3. ABA Therapy
  4. Social Skills Classes
  5. Hippotherapy (OT through horseback riding)
  6. GFCF Diet
  7. Psychiatrist/Psychologist sessions
  8. Floor Time,
  9. RDI,
  10. PECs,
  11. Swimming,
  12. PRT
  13. Mainstream schooling
  14. iPad
  15. Vision therapy, aqua therapy
  16. Vitamin supplements,
  17. Chelation,
  18. Hyperbaric Chambers
  19. Classical Homeopathy
  20. CEASE Therapy