Vaginal itching is a feeling of irritation or sensitivity in the vaginal area. In most cases, genital itching and irritation aren’t major concerns. But sometimes, it might be caused by an infection or another problem. This condition can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it’s due to infections like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, which occur when the microbes in the vagina become imbalanced.

Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea or trichomoniasis can also cause vaginal itching. Hormonal changes, poor hygiene, certain medications, personal hygiene products, and health issues like diabetes can contribute to it, too. Treatment varies depending on the cause. Homeopathy helps manage the symptoms of vaginal itching effectively. 

Role of homeopathy in vaginal itching

In treating vaginal itching, homeopathy aims to treat the underlying cause of the problem, such as infections or hormonal imbalances, instead of just alleviating the symptoms. Homeopathic medicines for vaginal itching are chosen according to specific symptoms and general health status in individuals. 

Five effective medicines for vaginal itching


Common name: Windflower

Pulsatilla is recommended for vaginal itching accompanied by a thick, creamy discharge that may be yellowish or greenish. The discharge is usually mild and not irritating, but the itching can persist and cause discomfort. Symptoms change with hormonal fluctuations, such as before or after menstruation, during pregnancy, or around menopause. The symptoms of vaginal itching worsen in warm, stuffy environments and improve in cool, open spaces. The itching may be linked to a feeling of heaviness or fullness in the pelvic area. Other associated symptoms like burning or stinging sensations in the vaginal region may come and go.


Common name: Graphite

Graphites is used in vaginal itching with a thick, sticky vaginal discharge. This discharge may be white or yellowish, causing discomfort and irritation in the vaginal area. There is a feeling of rawness and soreness in the vaginal area. The skin may be sensitive to touch and may feel tender and irritated. The vaginal area appears cracked or fissured. These cracks may be painful and can exacerbate the itching sensation. This can disrupt sleep and cause increased discomfort during the evening and nighttime hours. In some cases, vaginal itching may be accompanied by slight bleeding, especially if scratching or irritation has occurred due to the itching sensation. Symptoms may worsen with exposure to heat or warmth. Activities such as taking a hot bath or being in a warm environment may exacerbate symptoms, leading to increased discomfort and irritation. 


Common name: Elemental phosphorus

Phosphorus is commonly used to treat various symptoms associated with vaginal itching. Alongside itching, there are symptoms like burning sensations, dryness, and irritation of the vaginal mucus membranes. There is a raw or sore feeling in the vaginal area, which may worsen with touch or during sexual intercourse. Vaginal itching has an accompanying discharge that may be clear, watery, or even blood-streaked. Symptoms are better by a sensation of warmth and sensitivity. Additionally, some women may experience weakness or fatigue alongside these symptoms. 


Common name: Elemental sulphur 

Sulphur is indicated in individuals experiencing vaginal itching may describe a burning sensation that feels like a “fire-like” heat, accompanied by itching that is often aggravated by warmth and worsens with scratching. The vaginal area may appear red, inflamed, and irritated. The skin may feel hot, and scratching can lead to further irritation and discomfort. There may be a feeling of dryness in the vaginal area, contributing to the itching and discomfort experienced. This dryness may exacerbate the itching sensation and make the skin more prone to irritation. While not always present, there may be a characteristic odor associated with the itching, that can be described as strong or offensive and may contribute to the discomfort experienced. 


Common name: Beechwood kreosote

Kreosote is recommended in individuals experiencing vaginal itching with a burning sensation, particularly during urination or sexual intercourse. This burning sensation may also extend to the surrounding skin, contributing to overall discomfort. The vaginal area may feel raw, tender, and sore. This sensitivity can make even gentle touch or movement painful and exacerbate discomfort during activities like walking or sitting. The itching sensation may intensify during the evening and night, disrupting sleep and causing increased pain. This worsening of symptoms at night can be particularly distressing for individuals experiencing vaginal itching. In some cases, vaginal itching may be accompanied by slight bleeding, especially if scratching or irritation has occurred due to the itching sensation. The itching and burning sensations may worsen with exposure to heat or warm water. Activities such as taking a hot bath or being in a warm environment may exacerbate symptoms, leading to increased discomfort. 

Causative factors of vaginal itching  

  • An overgrowth of yeast in the vagina results in an abnormal increase in the white discharge, causing vaginal itching.
  • It happens when there’s a problem with the bacteria in the vagina; the bacteria may disturb the pH levels of the vagina, causing vaginal itching.
  • Infections that spread through sex may cause vaginal itching.
  • During your periods or pregnancy, hormones can change and cause more itching.
  • Not cleaning well enough around the vagina can cause infections and vaginal itching.
  • Some medications, like antibiotics for an infection or birth control pills, can cause vaginal itching.
  • Using things like douches or sprays can upset the vagina and cause vaginal itching.
  • Leaving things like tampons inside can cause problems and itching.
  • Conditions like diabetes or thyroid issues can affect vaginal discharge.
  • Feeling stressed out may increase infections that may cause itching.
  • Some individuals might be allergic to condoms or other products, causing irritation and vaginal itching. 
  • Eczema is a superficial skin inflammation characterized by redness, itching, edema, oozing, crusting, scaling, blisters and occasional lichenification.
  • Those who have frequent urticarial episodes can also develop vaginal itching.

Symptoms of vaginal itching 

  • Discharge coming out of your vagina, like mucus or fluid, might look white, yellowish, or greenish.
  • The discharge might smell fishy or have a different odor, which is unusual.
  • Feeling itchy or uncomfortable around your private area. An irresistible urge to itch can also be present. 
  • A burning sensation during sexual intercourse or while urinating.
  • Feeling pain or discomfort around the vaginal area. 
  • Redness and swelling around the vagina.
  • Frequent urge to urinate.
  • Tired or weak feeling.
  • You may also develop a fever at times if some infection causes vaginal itching.

Treatment of vaginal itching 

  • Antifungals for yeast infections causing vaginal itching.
  • Antibacterial medication for bacterial infections like bacterial vaginosis.
  • Hormonal supplements to balance your hormones.
  • Medications to manage other underlying conditions like diabetes, thyroid disorders, etc. 

Lifestyle modifications for vaginal itching

  • Consistently using condoms may reduce the risk of contracting any sexually transmitted infection that could be the reason for vaginal itching.
  • Wash your undergarments regularly, and always use a washed undergarment. Opt for a loose, cotton undergarment to keep your genital area clean and dry. Dry your clothes in direct sunlight.
  • Use water to wash your intimate area. Your vagina has self-cleaning properties. You don’t need to use any soap or washes to clean your vagina. 


The key to treating vaginal itching is to identify the underlying cause of itching and address it accordingly. If the itching is caused by an infection such as fungus or bacteria, your doctor may prescribe antifungal or antibacterial treatment. On the other hand, if hormonal imbalances are the cause, they may suggest hormonal therapy to regulate your hormonal imbalance. Maintaining proper hygiene by avoiding harsh soaps or sprays can also be beneficial. Homeopathy tackles the vaginal itching from the root and helps get rid of the itching entirely.