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Preliminary Consultation – International Patients


Book a preliminary consultation with world-renowned homeopathy doctors, Dr. Manisha or Dr. Manish Bhatia.

Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha Bhatia
BHMS, MD (Hom), CICH (IACH, Greece)

Dr. Manish Bhatia
BHMS, M.Sc. Homeopathy (UCLAN, UK), MD (Hom)



Mobile Health Award 2021During a preliminary consultation, the doctors can see your reports and answer your questions related to your disease or its homeopathy treatment. This is meant only for those who are not 100% sure if they wish to take homeopathy treatment for their health concerns. The doctor can see your reports and have a brief conversation (up to 15 minutes) with you to answer your basic queries about your disease and its homeopathy treatment. No medicine or therapeutic aid is suggested in this consultation.

You can book a preliminary online appointment with Dr. Manish or Dr. Manisha Bhatia through the following steps:

  1. Pay the fee via credit/debit cards or PayPal and send us the payment details at [email protected] with basic details of the patient like name, age and disease condition. Also, send us your basic concerns and questions that you need us to answer.
  2. Once we have received your payment, we will schedule a video call using Skype.
  3. If your doubts are cleared and you wish to take treatment from Dr Bhatias’, you can then register for a full consultation.


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