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Mansarovar, Jaipur

Mansarovar is a residential area located in south-western parts of Jaipur. Mansarovar is divided into nine sectors. It was Asia’s largest colony till 2010. It is nearer to a place called gurjar ki thadi which is public transport stand. Prithviraj Nagar, Durgapura, Sitabari, Triveni Nagar, and Kalyanpura are the localities which are enveloped by this colony.

Homeopathy Doctor in Mansarovar

As a resident of the Mansarovar area, it is convenient to search for a homeopathy doctor near you.

However, convenience often doesn’t lead to the best solution available and when it comes for the health of your loved one, would you prefer convenience or the best?

Homeopathy is practised as Classical homeopathy and Complex homeopathy.

In classical homeopathy, the doctor makes a detailed assessment of your disease condition, takes note of your past medical history, your disease predispositions, tries to identify the cause of your illness and then after this case analysis, prescribes you (usually) a single remedy in minimum dose.

In complex homeopathy, the doctor makes a brief assessment of the patient and gives many medicines, which are partially similar.

Complex homeopathy is the original curative method of homeopathy given by its founder Dr. Hahnemann of Germany.

Do you know that 9 out of 10 homeopathy doctors practice complex homeopathy, the easier and less effective form?

Asha Homeopathy

The Best Classical Homeopathy Clinic in Jaipur

Asha Homeopathy is Jaipur’s leading homeopathy clinic with specialist doctors, internationally trained in classical homeopathy. Dr. Bhatia’s are world-renowned homeopathy doctors and have a global clientele.

Asha Homeopathy is conveniently located at Hawa Sadak (Near Civil Lines), Jaipur. It is merely 8 km away from Mansarovar, just a 15-20 minutes drive!

Don’t choose what is convenient, choose the best homeopathy clinic in Jaipur.

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Asha Homeopathy also provides online consultation and shipping of medicines, even for local patients from Jaipur.