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Split Personality of Anacardium

The Anacardium patient does not merely shows the characteristics of split personality but instead it shows a complete picture of Schizophrenia. Before dealing with the mental picture of Anacardium, it is necessary to understand what are the basic characters of a split personality or a schizophrenic patient. So for the same reason, I quote the following text from the book “Introduction to Psychology” by ‘Hilgard and Atkinson’:

“The word ‘schizophrenic’ is derived from the Greek word schizen (“to split“) and phren (“mind“). The split does not refer to multiple personalities, but rather to a splitting of the thought process from emotions. The primary characteristics of schizophrenia can be summarized as under:

  1. Disturbance of affect: The schizophrenic does not show emotions in a normal way. He usually appears dull and pathetic, or he may display inappropriate emotions.
  2. Withdrawal from active interchange with the realistic environment: The schizophrenic loses interest in the people and events around him.
  3. Autism: Withdrawal from reality is usually accompanied by absorption in an inner fantasy world. The state of self-absorption is known as autism.
  4. Delusion and hallucination: The most common delusions of the schizophrenic are the beliefs that external forces are trying to control his thoughts and actions (delusions of influence) or that certain people or groups are persecuting him (delusion of persecution). Auditory hallucinations are more common than visual ones-the schizophrenic frequently hears voices. When persecutory delusions or hallucinations are predominant, the person is called paranoid. He may become suspicious of friends or relatives, fear that they are poisoning him, complain that he is being watched, followed and talked about.
  5. Bizarre behavior: the schizophrenic’s behavior may include peculiar gestures, movements, and repetitive acts that make no sense to the observer but are closely related to the schizophrenics fantasy world.
  6. Disturbed thought process.”

After this basic discussion on schizophrenia, the mental symptoms of Anacardium are being listed in rubric forms. After going through the psychologists view-point given above and that of the homeopaths observation being listed below, no wise man will be left in any doubt as to the extent to which Anacardium presents the picture of split personality/ schizophrenia.

The mental symptoms of Anacardium depicting the Schizophrenic traits are:


  • Pursued as if, when walking

  • Beside oneself, being


  • Caressing husband and child, then pushes away

  • Chaotic, confused behavior

  • Confusion of mind

Identity: duality, sense of

Contradict, disposition to

Delusions/ Illusions/ Hallucinations:

  • Bed, someone is in, with him

  • Call someone

    • With name, the absent mother or sister

  • Child, is not hers

  • Dead, corpse on a bier, he himself was

  • Dead persons, sees

  • Devil, he is

  • Devil speaking in one ear, angel in the other, prompting to murder

  • Double, of being

  • Husband, he is not her

  • Mind and body are separated

  • People, sees

  • Behind him, someone is

  • Persecuted, he is

  • Person is in the room, another

  • Possessed, being

  • Soul, body was too small for

  • Soul, body separated from

  • Superhuman control, is under

  • Three persons, he is

  • Voices, hears

  • Calling his name

  • Wills, possessed of two

  • Dream, as if in a

  • Duality, sense of

  • Fear, apprehension

  • Behind, someone is

  • Devil, of being taken by

  • People, of

  • Poisoned, of being

  • Gestures, automatic

  • Memory, weakness of

    • Names, for proper

    • Persons, for

    • Read, for what has

    • Seen, for everything he has

    • Word, of

  • Mistakes

  • Confounds future with past

    • Present with future

  • Mood, alternating

  • Recognize: relatives, does not recognize his

  • Strange, everything seems

  • Thoughts persistent

  • Separated, mind and body are

  • Two trains of thought

  • Unfeeling, hard hearted

  • Will, contradiction of

  • Two wills, feels as if he had.

The above illustration clearly indicates that Anacardium covers a lot of common and rare symptoms of Schizophrenia/Split personality disorder and can prove useful as a homeopathic medicine for this disorder.


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