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Homeopathy for Hyperacidity, Acid Reflux, Esophagitis & Peptic Ulcers

Hyperacidity literally means ‘excess of acid’ or ‘hyper-secretion of acid from stomach’, when taken in relation to GIT. But not all patients who come to the doctor complaining of ‘acidity’ suffer from hyperacidity in true sense. These patients complaining ofContinue Reading

Upper Respiratory Infections & Homeopathy

Applied Anatomy The upper respiratory tract includes the nose, nasopharynx, and larynx. It is lined by vascular mucous membrane with ciliated epithelium on the surface. The lower respiratory tract includes the trachea and bronchi. These form an interconnecting tree ofContinue Reading

Similimum in Life

Since past two years, I have read the ongoing debate about the way Homeopathy is practiced, in many Journals and at many web sites. I have seen the way the greatest homeopaths of today are engaged in a battle ofContinue Reading

Designing a Homeopathy Clinic

This work deals with the physical necessities of opening a homeopathic clinic/office. A broad idea about the things required, architectural and ‘vaastu’ considerations and interior designing is given here. The individual requirements may vary according to the kind, size, andContinue Reading

Benefits of Homeopathy

Welcome to the world of Homeopathy. Here is a list of some of the special benefits of taking homeopathic medicine & treatment:
  • Homeopathy is safe.
  • It works fast.
  • Gives curative results.
  • Effective in Acute & Chronic.
  • Can be given to children & pregnant females.
  • Works on plants and animals too!
  • Homeopathic remedies are easy to administer.
  • and it is Holistic & Natural!

Gandhi on Homeopathy

"Homeopathy .... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science." - Mahatama Gandhi


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