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Allow me to start this editorial by wishing you a very happy, healthy, harmonious and homeopathic New Year. With this issue, Homeopathy 4 Everyone, has also stepped into its fifth year of publication, and we start the new year by crossing another landmark – 25,000 subscribers. Yes! Homeopathy 4 Everyone is now one of the most widely read medical publications, and all this has happened in just four years! Congratulations to all of you for making it happen.

Now let me draw your attention to a more serious concern.

Two months ago, I wrote an open letter to you – Is Homeopathy Bleeding to Death? In this letter, I presented a dream to the homeopathic community of:

an initiative to bring together people from all walks of life, all schools and all ideologies to create a TEAM that will work together for the above purpose. I invite you to join hands with us to create a force that will tackle the anti-homeopathy tide, not on the back foot but on the front foot, not just from defense, but pro-actively!

Every hand counts, every small effort can help us achieve our goals. Every one of you is important in this fight against the people who wish to kill homeopathy. Join hands …and we will work together to create awareness about homeopathy in the public, to counter negative publicity in media, to send positive vibes and coverage, to promote clinical research, to create better standards, to stand with each other in this hour of need.

When I wrote these lines, I did not have any concrete plans but the thousands of mails that I received from every corner of the earth forced me to think and act. When I wrote another open letter, ‘The Fight Back for Homeopathy‘, many people thought that I was going to engage in a head-on fight with conventional medicine and people who were bad-mouthing Homeopathy. The intention was never to engage in a mud-slinging match with anyone. The goal was set in the very first letter – to work collectively for the betterment of homeopathy.

After two months of hard work and numerous dialogues with the initial volunteers, we are now a step closer to realizing this dream. We have created a non-commercial platform to pool all our international resources for the development and promotion of homeopathy in one place, where there will be no divisions based on schools, individuals, ideologies nor egos. There will be only love and devotion for homeopathy and a level of harmony that has never been experienced before by the homeopathic community.

The platform is called ‘Homeopathy Worldwide‘ and you can see it ‘developing’ at

As I said, we are bringing various people, schools and organizations working in the field of homeopathy to one place and providing them a platform to work collectively. We are setting up a ‘Research Group’ comprised of all the leading scientists working on homeopathic research, an ‘Organization Group’ which will give a platform for all the organizations to share their resources, an ‘Education Group’ in which leading homeopathic educators and schools will come together to work on issues related to education and a ‘PR & Media Group’ that will also have experts from outside homeopathy, pooling their talents to promote homeopathy internationally. There will be a central group where everyone can meet and discuss things of importance.

The groups will not just ‘discuss’, for much will be done on the ground too. The details of the ‘action plans’ and ‘road maps’ are coming up at Some of it is already listed in our mission statement.

Homeopathy Worldwide is an effort to do together what most of us can not do alone. There are hundreds of scientists who have done research in homeopathy. If all of them started working together, just imagine what results they might accomplish. Our ‘leaders’ often fail to agree on many ideological and philosophical questions. What might be achieved if all these thinkers discussed vital issues at one platform?

We are often faced with scientific, educational and political opposition in many parts of the world. Next time this happens, imagine what a difference it would make if homeopaths around the world could get their brains and efforts together, with experts in Public Relations, Management, Research, Media, Education, etc. and chip in to respond appropriately as required, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Homeopathy Worldwide is an effort in this direction, to make this dream come true, to heal and to promote harmony within our community. So far, homeopaths have worked primarily as individual forces, with schools springing up around those forces. Homeopathy Worldwide is an effort to tie all these motivated individuals and existing organizations into a ‘bundle of sticks’ – difficult to break and working together with a single-minded devotion to ensure that Homeopathy gets its rightful place in the field of medicine. Within our lifetimes, let us make Homeopathy available to everyone.

Members who are supporting and participating at Homeopathy Worldwide, work together as a team on various aspects of homeopathy, including research, education, politics, funding, policy decisions, growth and development and supporting the homeopathic community in case of any threat/challenge.

HWW is not an organization. It is a platform for the existing organizations and individuals to work together and collaborate at an international level. The various aims of Homeopathy Worldwide are:

  • Bringing together various national and international homeopathic organizations at one platform to exchange information and share resources.
  • Empowering individual homeopaths who are willing to work for homeopathy but feel restricted due to lack of resources or support.
  • Providing a platform where non-homeopaths, who are willing to support and work for homeopathy, can come together with the homeopaths and share their resources and expertise in areas of research, software, media, public relations, law, marketing, management, publishing, designing etc.
  • Creating a sustained, proactive international campaign for promotion of homeopathy at the grass-roots level.
  • Promotion of clinical and physical research in homeopathy by encouraging collaboration among the existing research bodies and organizations.
  • Creating a comprehensive database of positive research done in the field of homeopathy.
  • Creating a database of cured pathological cases for promotion of and research into the efficacy of homeopathic remedies.
  • Collaboration among homeopathic educators, schools/colleges and universities for creation of a more uniform system of homeopathic education and for addressing vital, philosophical issues that are important for the growth and harmony of the homeopathic community.
  • Countering campaigns against homeopathy by pooling international resources and expertise.
  • Bridge the gap between the commercial and non-commercial homeopathic entities, so that they can collaborate on issues related to the growth and development of homeopathy
  • Create an international fund for promoting homeopathy, providing homeopathic support in areas of natural calamities and disasters, funding research and promoting public awareness.

An Open Invitation

We invite all the leading homeopaths, scientists, heads of all homeopathic organizations, heads of all homeopathic companies and directors/principals of all homeopathic schools/colleges to come forward and support Homeopathy Worldwide. Send us a letter of support and mention that you would like to be part of this movement. We will then send you a link to register at and join the working groups.

Write to me at email

Let us all work together with a mission. Let us take Homeopathy to everyone!

Yours in Homeopathy,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

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Benefits of Homeopathy

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  • Gives curative results.
  • Effective in Acute & Chronic.
  • Can be given to children & pregnant females.
  • Works on plants and animals too!
  • Homeopathic remedies are easy to administer.
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