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Indications of Misams – Harimohan Chaudhary

Author: Harimohan Chaudhary
Publisher: B. Jain, India
Reviewed By: Dr. Manish Bhatia

Homeopathy community ha always been divided over the question of miasms. Since the time of Hahnemann, this theory has remained controversial. A large number of our colleagues believe that miasms of Hahnemann are nothing but bacteria and viruses. Then there are spiritual followers of Kent who believe in the non-material nature of miasms and call it a predisposition or dyscrasia.

This book by Dr. Harimohan Chaudhary strongly believes in the bacterial/parasitic origin or the miasms. The author believes that the suppression of bacterial/parasitic infections leads to the development of miasmatic states which persist even when the original pathogen is not present any more.

The book primarily covers six miasms – Psora originating from itch/scabies; Syphilis originating from disease syphilis; Sycosis originating from Gonorrhea; Tubercular from tuberculosis; AIDS from HIV and Cancer miasm. Unlike many other works, the author makes a strong case for considering tubercular miasm as an independent miasm and not as a complex of Psora and Syphilis. But continuing on the same thought the author is unable to justify why cancer should be a miasm. The author has also touched upon the possibility of Leprosy and Vaccinosis as separate miasms.

This book is very neatly written. Each miasm has been covered under five chapters – the original disease through which a given miasm originates, symptoms of latent miasm, secondary symptoms, chief indications, and a list of anti-miasmatic remedies. The book is well researched and the list of symptoms is exhaustive. A beginner can very easily memorize miasmatic states with the help of this book.

In the end the author dwells upon the mixed miasmatic states and the use of LM potencies for treating chronic diseases. Overall, this book is an excellent tool for understanding the prevalent concepts of miasm. Everyone who wants to study the concept of miasm, must go through this book.

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