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Homeopathic Combinations – P. S. Khokhar

Author: P. S. Khokhar
Publisher: B. Jain, India
Reviewed By: Dr. Manish Bhatia

Homeopathic combinations have been present since the time of Hahnemann. Hahnemann once referred the people who practice homeopathy without adhering to its basic principles as ‘the mongrel sect’. The problem has only grown since the time of Hahnemann. Homeopathic education has become less rigid. Speaking in terms of percentage, there are actually less number of homeopaths now who practice homeopathy as taught by Hahnemann. For the pharmaceutical companies, the money is more important than the principles and that makes one understand the blatant allopathification of homeopathy these days – with combinations, hair oils, soaps, creams, shampoos, mixtures – everything being sold under the name of homeopathy! We must ponder if without the law of similia, can you call these homeopathy?

This book ‘My Experiments With Homeopathic Combinations’ is another such effort in promoting the wrong ideas as effective tools. The author does not even blink an eyelid when he writes about his ‘successful’ experiments. Let me give you an idea of the content of this book.

517. Trauma – (acon 6, arn 6, bell 30, bell-p 6, calend 6, cham 6, echin 6, echi-p 6, ham 6, hep 6, hyper 6, merc 30, mill 6, symph 30) (14 medicines) – Mix all in given quantities.

Dose – Five to ten drops in one tablespoonful of cold water four hourly.

457. Rheumatoid Arthritis – Group A (arn 6, berb 30, bry 6, colch 6, coloc 6 – mix all in equal qty.); Group B ( cartl-s 30, caust 6, dulc 6, ferr-p 30, lith-b 30 – mix all in equal qty.); Group C ( lyc 30, med 30, ran-b 6, rhod 30, rhus-t 6 – mix all in equal qty.)

Dose – 5 drops in one tablespoon water for a dose of A/B/C. Mode – A – 6 hrs – B – 6 hrs – C

15 remedies in 18 hours! This book is filled (in fact brimming) with such ridiculous and hilarious ideas. I feel shocked that the author has the courage to call it homeopathy. I feel sorry that even very experienced homeopaths do not understand the difference between cure, palliation and suppression! I feel sorry that without proper laws and guidelines, people can so easily propagate ANYTHING in the name of homeopathy.

This book (along with all such books) should ideally be burned and the authors of such books should be sent back to the college to study Organon properly.

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