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Thanks to both of you for such a great discussions, not only of its length but also of its breadth. You covered almost all
of homeopathy- drug proving, case taking, miasm, repertorisation, vital force, science of homeopathy etc.
Jeremy is femous for his drug proving. Sometimes, I wondered that drug proving is becoming like a rubric AIRCASTLE to entire homeopathic society. If we start proving everything then there will be crores of medicine. Then, can we claim homeopathy still is a scientific system?
Yes,only a few percent can be treated for prolonged period for their illness. It is only possible for those who have strong constitution and superficial complaints. In maximum cases need frequent change. Because,all the simillimums are partial one. Hence, with these partial medicines leading the
patient towards cure is more theoretical than practical.
Ian Watson in one of his books says that homeopathy still
in its infancy as a therapeutic system. I also support this opinion. I think we should not consider two human beings are different but all human beings are similar and can be treated
with the same medicine for all the diseases. If a single medicine can cover a single man wholistically then that very
medicine can cover all human beings for all their sufferings.
We should search for that medicine instead increasing the number towards infinity.
With regards
Dr M E Hossain
West Bengal

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Benefits of Homeopathy

Welcome to the world of Homeopathy. Here is a list of some of the special benefits of taking homeopathic medicine & treatment:
  • Homeopathy is safe.
  • It works fast.
  • Gives curative results.
  • Effective in Acute & Chronic.
  • Can be given to children & pregnant females.
  • Works on plants and animals too!
  • Homeopathic remedies are easy to administer.
  • and it is Holistic & Natural!

Gandhi on Homeopathy

"Homeopathy .... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science." - Mahatama Gandhi


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