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dear dr,
If people are getting sold by money andf false concepts like,” only allopathy is science and scientific”-this is the likely result,what else can we expect?
pharmacies rule us,doctors do not know a thing about’making medicines’.you pay high fees to become a doctor,make huge investment of private practice and whatever you need.Its a have loans and you have family,marriage,kids ,aspirations to support.
sadly money is ruling
ITS BIG MONEY GAME–“WHEN ANY ESTABLISHED SYSTEM GETS THREATENED e.g. cardiac problems ayurveda and homeopathy and unani and naturopathy people cure..but then billions of dollars on ‘operations’ who wants to kill these pathies
We the society is run by ruthless,cruel,profit makers-lust,greed ,power games rule.
we have to fight but be aware–its mafia {sort of}.medicine has become an industry.
dr.shivprasad {rahul}
good and likeminded doctors and people must come together,but people their attitude ,”who cares?what can I Do?’we have our problems–which are generally watching TV,kitty parties,gossip..Indians and even others ‘fight ‘is lacking in us.

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  • Can be given to children & pregnant females.
  • Works on plants and animals too!
  • Homeopathic remedies are easy to administer.
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Gandhi on Homeopathy

"Homeopathy .... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science." - Mahatama Gandhi


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