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Feedback on Audio Lectures

What People Say About Dr. Bhatia’s Audio Lectures!


I’m writing this email to offer some feedback on the new audio lectures. I think they’re fantastic! They are clear, downloaded at a good speed and the lectures themselves are marvelous. The speaker is clear, well paced and the lectures are well structured and yet very passionate. The only way I can see them being better would be if they were easier to save as a file that I could copy to an iPod and listen to them while I’m traveling. I would very much love to see more content like this offered.
Regards, Tegan Cosgrove


I’ve listened to several of the audio lectures on The Organon and found the quality to be good. I would very much like to have moreaudio contact, because I can listen to them during my long commute.
Thanks, Ruth Pearson Smith


Thank you for making these available! I have enjoyed listening to several (so far through 5b, which is of special interest to me at this time). All of the volume levels are excellent (5b is a little less robust in volume level and needed to be increased to the maximum level). Again, many thanks for all your work in spreading the philosophy and the competent use of homeopathy!
Sincerely, Marjorie Baseman, N.D., Dip. Hom


The audio lectures on Organon are beautiful! sound quality is very good. Iwould be happy to hear lectures on other subjects as well. Maybe on the history of our great homeopaths, their life, findings and contributions to homeopathy. Thank you for all your efforts.
Menucha Rachel


I’ve enjoyed these lectures below very much. As a Teacher of Organon in our school for 11 years, I must say that these commentaries are very interesting and high valuable for our students in the first years of study and even for later students as a repetition, even for us teachers those lectures are always interesting, even after reading the Organon 10 times and more! I have suggested to my director of the CKH (Center of Classical Homeopathy) in Belgium to use this information in the future, if no obstacle for you.

I look forward to more information next month as mentioned by the speaker in his comment of aphorism 8 below!

Congratulations and thanks for all the good work you are doing for homeopathy!

Kind regards!

Wim Serneels

Vice-Chairman LHC (Liga Homeophatica Classica) Belgium




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